This is the time of year you do a lot of holiday party mingling and upon meeting someone new – what’s the usual first question? Ah yes… the old “What do you do?”Hi, I’m Jennifer, I have my own PR company…. PAUSE FOR THE QUESTION:
“What is PR? What do you DO exactly?”
Since I don’t do 30 second elevator pitches – ugh, 30 second pitches are overrated but I will write about that another time – so I will answer that question in my “PR way”: I identify my audience, who is asking, and tailor my answer to them.
Last night the question about what PR EXACTLY came from a guy, who happened to be a small business owner with about 10 employees. This guy had the wild eyes look of ‘I’m too busy to be talking to you right now’ and he took a photo of the pop-up event sign on the way into the party to post to Facebook. (Ha! Rookie!)
Of course, most people can say that PR stands for Public Relations – sure, but… still…what does that mean? Hint: It’s not marketing and it’s not advertising.
Well, Wild Eyed Guy, PR is about professional reputation – what do people think of when they think of your company? Is it wholesome? Innovative? Does it have excellent personal customer service?
And what is your brand and image? Well, as your PR rep, I work with you to identify those things and, of course, your target audience or ideal customer. Then I will help you create authentic messaging that tells the unique story of your company and likely a story about you, too, Guy, as profiles of the leaders of companies can be very compelling.
I will then advise you on a strategy for that messaging.
That’s right, we’ll put together a plan to keep your communications consistent and timely and identify what methods of dissemination will really be effective to connect with your audience. We will ensure that all your communications to that audience reinforce that reputation. So that your ideal customer knows what you stand for and will choose to buy from you based on that good feeling.
That is what PR is about…and I guess I begrudgingly would have to say that is also my slightly longer than 30-second pitch.