At Lifestyle PR – there is no quick fix. PR takes consistency and hard work! But we help you say the right thing, at the right time to the right audience. Not every PR firm is created equal – we operate with honesty and integrity. Our team offers expertise in media, messaging and content creation, and each package is personalized towards your PR goals. With our proven expertise, your brand is bound for wild success.

I’ve Got a Question! $60


Have an interview or an event coming up? Need a professional to take a look at your pr plan? Sit down with Jennifer for 30 minutes to ask your question and get her feedback and advice: 

You take notes and Jennifer will buy the coffee!

PR Prep Package $125

Results, Delivered

Make sure that what you say and how you say it reflects your personal brand: plan your messaging with Jennifer. This includes assessment of your pr goals and creating and clarifying your messaging – that allows you to maintain your focus on your business.

Tailored Packages that Fit your Lifestyle

We Do It Right

It’s time for you and your business to shine!

Get the peace of mind to run your business day to day by working with a pr professional. DEFINE AND DIFFERENTIATE your business. Create SOLID, TARGETED media pitches. SOLIDIFY your plan and messaging so you can achieve your public relations goals and maintain your focus on the future. Options include:

  • 3-month plan with support
  • 6-month plan with support
  • One year plan with support